Windmill route

You will find a lot of beautiful authentic windmills through Holland creating this picturesque image of the Dutch countryside. In and around the village of Hazerswoude-dorp you can see four wonderful windmills that you can reach by foot or bike!

Mills of Hazerswoude-dorp

The Rietveldse Molen is very close and can be seen from our place. It was build in 1648 and is one of the biggest and best maintained windmills of the area. It was used to move water from one canal to the other and still works but does not take actively part in watermanagement anymore.

The Geremolen is one of the oldest mills of the area. It was build in 1636, beautifully located on the dike to take part in the watermanagement of that time.

The mill the ‘Rooie Wip’ is slightly newer, from 1639, and called after its striking red color. They also call her affectionately ‘ The old lady’ as when her blades run through the wind she makes some creaking sounds! On Tuesdays and Saturdays, when active, you can visit and see the inside of this lovely mill.

In the village centre you will find the Korenmolen Nieuw Leven, which still actively grinds corn into flour! Every Saturday you can visit the windmill and have a look inside to find out how the mill actually works. You can also buy flour grinded by the mill.

Cycle or walk through the fields!

By bike you can see all four of them within an hour bike ride. By foot it might take you up to 3 hours.