Araucaria plant nursery in the Green Heart of Holland

We are a plant nursery specialized in Araucarias and other prehistoric plants. We love nature and enjoy the fact that we can grow plants for a living! When visiting our camping or cabins you will enter the plant nursery.

Traveling experience Dutch countryside

Besides growing plants we enjoy traveling a lot too! To the sunnier areas of this planet or doing winter sports in the snowy Alpes, we love to explore new places. During our travels we realized that the complete experience of your stay can be changed drastically by the accommodation you are staying at. Being welcomed in a relaxed, small scale place where the hosts actually care about your trip can add so much value to your holidays.

That is when we decided that it would be great to be able to open our own guesthouse on our plant nursery. Host with love and care for travelers, getting the local experience in the Dutch countryside, offering a good quality stay.

Philosophy Tuin van Epicurus – Garden of Epicurus

Epicurus was a greek philosopher. He wrote a lot about enjoying simple pleasures and knew friendship is one of the most important things in life! He also had a very special garden where he loved to invite friends over to talk about their ideas. Forward thinking as he was, he did not only invite other philosophers to his garden, slaves and women were also welcome to learn and share their thoughts about life.
This is what we want to create as well. A green area, a garden, where everybody is welcome to share and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Nature, Friendship, Good Food and Drinks.