In the middle of the Dutch Green Heart, a beautiful green farming area close to all the big cities, on the property of our plant nursery you will also find our nature camping.

A big garden where you can stay with your tent or trailer tent (folding camper) to enjoy this peaceful area surrounded by green fields, canals and mills.

Due to the peaty soil we can not host big campers!

We offer one shower and toilet cabin per two camping spots, which means you never have to walk far.

We only have 12 campgrounds, it is a spacious set up where besides your tent you can play football, practice yoga or anything else that makes you feel like you can just…. relax.

In between all the spots we planted a range of different trees and plants that we love which gives you enough privacy! No crammed back to back camping experience.


A camping spot price is €25 euros per night (including 1 person).

You are allowed to stay with 1 main tent and 1 small side tent. Maximum amount of people per spot is 5.

The camping spot are very spacious and include the use of rowing boats, use of the greenhouse, wood, electricity and biodegradable shampoos.