Charming Leiden

Daytrip in Leiden

Besides the numerous restaurants and bars, you will find several other activities in Leiden.
Leiden’s Architecture and Museums are also highly recommended. This city is a perfect destination for a day trip.

Leiden is one of our favorite cities in the area to visit! You can reach it by bike within 50 minutes or go by car and park in one of the parkings in the centre.

With its canals and typical Dutch architecture it feels like a tiny Amsterdam without all the tourists. Leiden is a University city which means that there are loads of small bars and a vibrant atmosphere!

One of my favorite spots in the city centre is the Burcht, actually The Castle of Leiden. It is an 11th century Shell keep located right in the centre . The castle was built where two parts of the river Rhine meet. The Burcht is located on top of a small hill and it is a public park where you can overlook the whole city!

Street Market, when visiting Leiden on a Wednesday or Saturday you can not miss the Fresh Market, you can find more specific information at the post: Fresh Market Leiden.

When wondering around the small alleys across the Breestraat, the main street, you will run into the Pieterskerk. The Pieterskerk is a late-Gothic church in Leiden dedicated to Saint Peter. The architecture and the size of the church are impressive. The atmosphere in these cosy streets besides the centre is very charming and there are many small cafes and bars to hop in for a coffee or wine!

When you are into art you should consider visiting the Lakenhal Museum in the centre of Leiden. Museum De Lakenhal is a city museum of history and fine art. One highlight is its collection of fijnschilder paintings from the Dutch Golden Age.